Written by stinne

3rd week

The puppies are now “walking” – but they still need to develop the presicion 🙂 When they are “walking” even the smallest little bump on the carpet will make them fall over. They are also devolping their hearing – so no more watching them without being caught 😉

We continue our training – each puppy are trhough an individual handling training every day, where we look at the teeth (or gums! ;P ), touching the paws (or cutting the nails if needed), looking in the ears etc etc. All the time with the puppy lying on the back in my lap, and the puppies are totally relaxed during this session – it is important to establish a positive association from the beginning.

We have also established a couple of “ground rules”: The puppies are not allowed to “bite” our fingers, and they are not lifted up (or let down) unless they are calm and quiet 🙂