DSC_5817We have made two litters so far. We are planning a litter on Diwa for spring/summer 2014. For more information about see:

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[blockquote]Puppy from us – what to expect?[/blockquote]


DSC_5363Puppy – from where?

The first important step when buying a dog is choosing the right breeder – which is easier said than done. A good idea is to visit several breeders and hear about their story behind and goals for breeding.  You also need to meet the parents, but often it is not possible to meet the farther, since many RR breeders look abroad for new blood. In that case it is more important that you like the bitch, and be sure to get a lot of information about her in any given situation. A bitch can easily be sweet and well functioning at home – but the complete opposite outside the home! A good idea is to go to shows, where it is possible to see the dogs in another situation.


What is included?

Every puppy comes with a “Puppy-pack” :

  • The puppy has been checked at a vet, has all the vaccinations, deworming and is chipped before leaving home.
  • The puppy has been socialized and environment-trained.
  • A Danish Kennel Club pedigree (recognized by FCI).
  • Membership of the Danish Ridgebackclub for one year.
  • Food to last the first days.
  • Puppy-book containing different information about the puppy: Birth weight, what has the puppy experienced (f.i. driving in a car, been to a new place etc.) and anything relevant.
  • Cd with pictures from the first 9 weeks of the puppy’s life.
  • Harness, line and a blanket smelling of ”mom”.
  • Free behavior counseling and answers to other questions.


1249415350_resizedPuppy from us?

The puppy’s first weeks are of mayor importance! A sweet and well functioning bitch can under the wrong circumstances influence the puppies in a negative way. The puppies are under influence by the stress hormones from the bitch from the moment the eggs are ready – make sure that the breeder is aware of this, and ask a little about how the birth etc. is going to be.

The first 12 weeks of a puppy’s life are incredible important, and it is therefore of great meaning if the breeder is doing her job well. The puppy must be socialized and trained to deal with different environments.

We think it is very important that the puppies are well socialized – with other dogs as well as people! A good environment training is priceless, and that is why our puppies have access to a   ”Playground” with a lot of different elements! The puppies are going to live in the middle of our house, that makes them use to every-day noise: TV, Radio, kitchen noise, vacuum cleaner and anything thinkable. Besides this it is important that the puppies are introduced to new experiences, since it gives them the ability to deal with all the new things they meet in life. Our puppies get to go new places (the beach, a playground, a store etc) and are naturallyami m pind introduced to driving in a car.

Health is of course of great importance! Our goal is to breed healthy dogs with a good mentality. We care a lot about the parents HD and AA status – but it is also very important to us that our puppies are x-rayed when they have the proper age for it. We check the parents pedigree for any known diseases – but since many does not share such information, it is impossible to know it all… All dogs carry some genetics to cause diseases – known or unknown – and we aim to match the parents in best possible way. We only use healthy dogs in our breeding, and our dogs have extensive health screenings. Health and mentality is our priority.

Finally it is important to us that the puppy gets the right home, which is why the puppies are tested when they are 7 weeks old. This makes  is easier to combine what you can offer a puppy with what the puppy is genetic equipped with.