Almost 9 weeks

12 Aug 2009
Almost 9 weeks: I cannot believe that the puppies were born just 9 weeks ago! Time just flies by... Friday we went to the beach - all the puppies had thei...
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7,5 weeks

8 Aug 2009
7,5 weeks: The puppies have been chipped and have all gotten their names 🙂 They have also been for a walk on a leash - both here in the neighborhood and als...
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6,5 weeks

28 Jul 2009
Enviorment training and socialising: The puppies have been out for a drive 2-3 times. They went for a visit by my partens who have a small farm. Here was ple...
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6 weeks

23 Jul 2009
6th week: It has been a busy week - with lots of visit. Among others we have had visit from Zuki's family (her breeders Hans & Sarka, their nice Denda +...
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5 weeks

18 Jul 2009
5 weeks: The puppies are now a little over 5 weeks. They are very curios and moves a lot around in the garden and all over the house. They have gotten all ki...
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12 Jul 2009
4½ week: Now the puppies are already 4½ weeks old... It is hard to understand that we have already had them for half the time they will stay with us. Luckily...
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Time flies.

4 Jul 2009
3 weeks! The puppies are already 3 weeks old! Sunday 28th of June the opened their ears - and it was very clear that they could hear. Now it is impossible to...
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25 Jun 2009
2 weeks! It is hard to understand that the puppies are 2 weeks already... They are growing so fast! And developing constantly. They have all eyes now. The...
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18 Jun 2009
1st week: Now the puppies are one week old! There aren't long time untill their eyes will begin to open. They are already developing every day - you can hear...
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14 Jun 2009
The first days: The puppies are now 3 days old, and they are all gaining weight and are doing well 🙂 unfortunately we had to say goodbye to a puppy due to D...
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11 Jun 2009
Birth: The first contraction was at 18.40 and the first puppy was born 19.20 - slowly through the night all the puppies were born and the last puppy was born...
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Getting close

7 Jun 2009
9th week: "The last weeks of pregnancy the bitch prepare for the birth. She becomes more quiet and is not very interested in playing and may be less social t...
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2 weeks to go

30 May 2009
8th week: "The fetus is formed and it is possible to feel it, sometimes their heartbeat can be heard. The bitch is now almost troubled by her weigth and scope,...
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Zuki is growing

23 May 2009
7th week: "During this week the body hair grow out and color will be visible. The paws and pads are now ready formed.  Fetus now looks like the puppy but cannot...
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Now it shows

17 May 2009
6th week: "Earlobe and eyelids grow and at the end of the week they cover the ears and eyes. The external genitalia are beginning to change in the direction of...
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The development

13 May 2009
Week 5: This week the eyelids, hairs on the upper lip and eyes are formed. Earlobe grows, so it almost covers the ear canal. Five nipples with milk gland are g...
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