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Almost 9 weeks

Almost 9 weeks:

I cannot believe that the puppies were born just 9 weeks ago! Time just flies by…

Friday we went to the beach – all the puppies had their paws in the water. They thought it was quite fun! Thanks you Jette and Lars for helping us managing the entire gang 🙂 See Jette’s pictures from the trip in the gallery.

Sunday 5 children in different sizes visited us. We have had visits with children throughout the puppies upgrowth – but this time Jette was there with her camera 🙂 See the pictures in the gallery.

Tomorrow (thursday 13.08.09) the first 5 puppies will leave to their new homes – starting with Asatira (purple), then Asali (yellow), next Aziba (red), Amanzi (lightblue) and last one Amal (grey).

Friday Aziza (brown) will leave and saturday it is Adimu (green). Our little Akoko (black) will leave next friday.

Written by stinne

7,5 weeks

7,5 weeks:

The puppies have been chipped and have all gotten their names 🙂 They have also been for a walk on a leash – both here in the neighborhood and also in the city street! They were fast the center of attention – and the puppies thought it was great to be cuddled by all the nice people.

The puppies names:

Akizuri Ika Aziza – Meaning valueable – Ms. brown
Akizuri Ika Amira – Meaning princess – Ms. Pink
Akizuri Ika Asatira – Meaning Legend – Ms. Purple
Akizuri Ika Asali – Mening sweet honny – Ms. Yellow
Akizuri Ika Abudiwa – Meaning appreciated – Ms. Peach (White)
Akizuri Ika Akoko – Meaning noicemaker – Ms. Black
Akizuri Ika Aziba – Named after Caziba – Ms. Red
Akizuri Ika Adimu – Meaning rare – Mr. Green
Akizuri Ika Amanzi – Meaning water – Mr. Light blue
Akizuri Ika Asani – Meaning rebel – Mr. Dark blue
Akizuri Ika Amal – Named after Zuki’s father – Mr. Grey

New pictures in the gallery – also from our walks, when Jette get the time to upload them. Thank you so much for your help Anne and Jette!!!!

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6,5 weeks

Enviorment training and socialising:

The puppies have been out for a drive 2-3 times. They went for a visit by my partens who have a small farm. Here was plenty of experienses!!! A newly harvestet field, a shed with lots of wierd smells and a strange dog! 🙂

They were all very cool about it and thought it was very exciting. Yesterday we went to visit Jette with some puppies and today some puppies went to visit Mads’ mom where they among other things met a cat.

Upload to the gallery it not working – but pictures will be there as soon as it works again!

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6 weeks

6th week:

It has been a busy week – with lots of visit. Among others we have had visit from Zuki’s family (her breeders Hans & Sarka, their nice Denda + Zuki’s halfsister Chiwitis), so the puppies have had the pleasure of playing with a unknown dog and they have been cuddled very much!

They are getting really big now, and we are doing a big job in trying to make them a little house trained. For instance we gt up at 4.30 to get them out to pee – but it has also reduced the numbers of accidents a lot! 🙂 But they are very good at going outside by themselves during the day.

Some periods of the day they are full of live – but at the same time so incredible cute! You can spend hours just petting them – or just watch.

New pictures in the gallery – more will come when I get them from Hans 🙂

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5 weeks

5 weeks:

The puppies are now a little over 5 weeks. They are very curios and moves a lot around in the garden and all over the house. They have gotten all kinds of different toys and we are playing sound CD’s to them.

Zuki is slowly taking them of the milk, and has started to play another role – that is the education in correct behavior. She is really good at handling them, and is playing loving and carefully with them.

There are still a few puppies looking for the right home – so if you are interested please contact us for further information.

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4½ week:

Now the puppies are already 4½ weeks old… It is hard to understand that we have already had them for half the time they will stay with us. Luckily it is nice to know that almost all of them already have some really great people waiting for them. 🙂

Zuki is still giving them milk – but it is clear that it hurts now that they have gotten their theeth for real… They also get “real” food 4 times a dya and all are growing nicely.

They now spend most of the time in the living room or the kitchen – and outside as much as the weather allows it. Ami is really playing with them carefully, and they think she is really great (althoug it is very weird that she dosen’t have a milkbar attached underneath???) smiley

The gallry has bee updated with lots of pictures from 4th week and the beginning of 5th week.

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Time flies.

3 weeks!

The puppies are already 3 weeks old! Sunday 28th of June the opened their ears – and it was very clear that they could hear. Now it is impossible to clean a little in the room without them noticing and wanting to participate 🙂

The can all walk, and spend a lot of time playing – both with their siblings, teddy bears and last but not least it isn’t that bad to bite some humans! Their teeth are very visible, but still not fully grown – but they are itching for sure, and then it is nice to have a brother or sister to bite.

We have also started feeding them with real “food” – which is a delicate mix of softed food, boiled water and some youghourt – and they eat it with great plaesure. I am not sure how great I think it is though… The floor, all puppies, our self and the box is totally lubricated when they are done 🙂 But they are already getting better at it.

We have moved the box into another room where they could have some more space, and they are slowly beginning to go outside the box to pee and poo.

The gallery has also been updated!

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2 weeks!

It is hard to understand that the puppies are 2 weeks already… They are growing so fast! And developing constantly.

They have all eyes now. They have also started “walking” (or more like a wierd form of walking…), and they are getting around in the box fast.

Ami is reguarly visting the puppy room – under observation from Mom Zuki. She thinks the little ones are beginning to be interesting – earlier she didn’t quite understand what those strange squeeky-toys were – and on top of that they smelled wierd… 🙂

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1st week:

Now the puppies are one week old! There aren’t long time untill their eyes will begin to open. They are already developing every day – you can hear them “bark”, growl and wag their tail in their sleep.

All the puppies have gained weight nicely and they are developing as expected. Zuki is taking very good care of them – and “aunt-Ami” is alloved to come in and lie on the bed next to the box, but she thinks that they are some very interesting small things!

The Gallery is also updated.

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The first days:

The puppies are now 3 days old, and they are all gaining weight and are doing well 🙂 unfortunately we had to say goodbye to a puppy due to DS – it was extremely hard! The rest of the puppies were checked yesterday – a HUGE thanks to John and Anna from Minjimbaridge for taking time to help. No other sinus was found at the moment, so that was great.

New pictures in the gallery!

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