Written by stinne

C-litter 8 weeks

Then the puppies turned 8 weeks – where did the time go?! We had a busy week with visit to the vet, a trip to the city, another trip to the beach and clicker training the cage with each puppy.

The first puppy to leave is mrs. pink (Akizuri Chizoba by Argos – “Zoba”). Then mr. blue (Akizuri Cebisani by Argos – “Cebi”). Followed by mrs. red (Akizuri Chakika by Argos – “Chakika”). Mr. Orange (Akizuri Chisulo by Argos – “Sulo”) will leave a little later this week and mrs. yellow (Akizuri Chika by Argos – “Chika”) waits a little longer, since she is going to Ceczh Republic to live with her grandmother Tara 🙂