Written by stinne

7,5 weeks

7,5 weeks:

The puppies have been chipped and have all gotten their names 🙂 They have also been for a walk on a leash – both here in the neighborhood and also in the city street! They were fast the center of attention – and the puppies thought it was great to be cuddled by all the nice people.

The puppies names:

Akizuri Ika Aziza – Meaning valueable – Ms. brown
Akizuri Ika Amira – Meaning princess – Ms. Pink
Akizuri Ika Asatira – Meaning Legend – Ms. Purple
Akizuri Ika Asali – Mening sweet honny – Ms. Yellow
Akizuri Ika Abudiwa – Meaning appreciated – Ms. Peach (White)
Akizuri Ika Akoko – Meaning noicemaker – Ms. Black
Akizuri Ika Aziba – Named after Caziba – Ms. Red
Akizuri Ika Adimu – Meaning rare – Mr. Green
Akizuri Ika Amanzi – Meaning water – Mr. Light blue
Akizuri Ika Asani – Meaning rebel – Mr. Dark blue
Akizuri Ika Amal – Named after Zuki’s father – Mr. Grey

New pictures in the gallery – also from our walks, when Jette get the time to upload them. Thank you so much for your help Anne and Jette!!!!