Written by stinne

6 weeks

6th week:

It has been a busy week – with lots of visit. Among others we have had visit from Zuki’s family (her breeders Hans & Sarka, their nice Denda + Zuki’s halfsister Chiwitis), so the puppies have had the pleasure of playing with a unknown dog and they have been cuddled very much!

They are getting really big now, and we are doing a big job in trying to make them a little house trained. For instance we gt up at 4.30 to get them out to pee – but it has also reduced the numbers of accidents a lot! 🙂 But they are very good at going outside by themselves during the day.

Some periods of the day they are full of live – but at the same time so incredible cute! You can spend hours just petting them – or just watch.

New pictures in the gallery – more will come when I get them from Hans 🙂