Written by stinne


4½ week:

Now the puppies are already 4½ weeks old… It is hard to understand that we have already had them for half the time they will stay with us. Luckily it is nice to know that almost all of them already have some really great people waiting for them. 🙂

Zuki is still giving them milk – but it is clear that it hurts now that they have gotten their theeth for real… They also get “real” food 4 times a dya and all are growing nicely.

They now spend most of the time in the living room or the kitchen – and outside as much as the weather allows it. Ami is really playing with them carefully, and they think she is really great (althoug it is very weird that she dosen’t have a milkbar attached underneath???) smiley

The gallry has bee updated with lots of pictures from 4th week and the beginning of 5th week.