Written by stinne

Time flies.

3 weeks!

The puppies are already 3 weeks old! Sunday 28th of June the opened their ears – and it was very clear that they could hear. Now it is impossible to clean a little in the room without them noticing and wanting to participate 🙂

The can all walk, and spend a lot of time playing – both with their siblings, teddy bears and last but not least it isn’t that bad to bite some humans! Their teeth are very visible, but still not fully grown – but they are itching for sure, and then it is nice to have a brother or sister to bite.

We have also started feeding them with real “food” – which is a delicate mix of softed food, boiled water and some youghourt – and they eat it with great plaesure. I am not sure how great I think it is though… The floor, all puppies, our self and the box is totally lubricated when they are done 🙂 But they are already getting better at it.

We have moved the box into another room where they could have some more space, and they are slowly beginning to go outside the box to pee and poo.

The gallery has also been updated!