Written by stinne

Getting close

9th week:

“The last weeks of pregnancy the bitch prepare for the birth. She becomes more quiet and is not very interested in playing and may be less social than usual. Females should be introduced to the appropriate birth place at least one week before expected date, preferingly a special delivery box. Here, she can do some of the natural nesting many bitches perform 2-4 days before birth. It consists of collecting rags together and possibly slash and dig into the delivery box. Sheath region will be large and flaccid. Pelvic muscles relaxed, and some bitches will have dramatic tension gametes several days before birth.”

Zuki has had some small contractions, but is calm again. Her appetite is almost gone – but as long as the food is delicious she can eat, but still in small portions 🙂 The delivery box is here – and approved by the queen.