Written by stinne

Week 5 (days 28-35 after AI)

Week 5: This week the eyelids, hairs on the upper lip and eyes are formed.
Earlobe grows, so it almost covers the ear canal.
Five nipples with milk glands are grown, and the external genital organs begin their development.
During this week fetus paws begin to shape what will become pads and toes. Around day 33 the palate will close so after this date palate cleft can’t arise. In general, the most risky time where chemicals and other substances can harm the fetus, is now over. Now the formation of digestion system also begins, which at this stage still is in the umbilical cord.
Females may now show the first signs of pregnancy by a modified behavior, but the belly has not changed shape.
(The picture is from 28th of March – 34th day after AI)