C-litter 8 weeks

7 Jul 2014
Then the puppies turned 8 weeks - where did the time go?! We had a busy week with visit to the vet, a trip to the city, another trip to the beach and clicker tr...
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C litter 7 weeks

30 Jun 2014
Just one more week until the first puppy will move to their new family... 🙁 But we charish the time we have! The puppies have been on the beach, in the woods,...
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C litter 6 weeks

23 Jun 2014
Time is flying - it is hard to understand that the puppies are already 6 weeks! We have been on some trips to make the puppies experience new places and to intr...
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C-litter 5 weeks

16 Jun 2014
The puppies are now 5 weeks - and they have moved into the living room where they spend the day. From the living room they have direct access to the garden wher...
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C-litter 4 weeks

9 Jun 2014
It is hard to understand it has already been 4 weeks! And it is amazing how much they develop now. They have seen the whole house and the garden 🙂 They hear cd...
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C-litter 3 weeks

2 Jun 2014
The puppies are now 3 weeks old - and all can hear! They growl, bark and play 🙂 They move around the pen quite easily now, and we have started to introduce dif...
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C-litter 2 weeks

26 May 2014
The puppies are now 2 weeks old - and all have opened their eyes 🙂 Unfortuneately the weed in the garden was growing very fast and we needed to spend some time...
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C-litter one week

19 May 2014
The C-litter is now one week 🙂 They are doing well - all have doubled their weight (most of them already a few days ago). Diwa seems to wnjoy her puppies and i...
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C-litter is born

14 May 2014
Mondag 12/5-2014 our C-litter was born 🙂 9 puppies were born, but sadly 3 puppies were stillborn - we now have 3 correct males and 3 bitches - 1 correct and 2...
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9th week (56-63 days after AI)

8 May 2014
9th week: “The last weeks of pregnancy the bitch prepare for the birth. She becomes more quiet and is not very interested in playing and may be less social than...
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7th week (42-49 days after AI)

25 Apr 2014
7th week: “During this week the body hair grow out and color will be visible. The paws and pads are now ready formed.  Fetus now looks like the puppy but cannot...
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6th week (35-42 days after AI)

18 Apr 2014
6th week: “Earlobe and eyelids grow and at the end of the week they cover the ears and eyes. The external genitalia are beginning to change in the direction of...
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Week 5 (days 28-35 after AI)

10 Apr 2014
Week 5: This week the eyelids, hairs on the upper lip and eyes are formed. Earlobe grows, so it almost covers the ear canal. Five nipples with milk glands a...
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Ultra scan of Diwa

8 Apr 2014
It was time to go to the vet for the ultra scan of Diwa - and there were "bubbles" in the tummy 🙂 We are looking forward to the puppies birth around 14th of Ma...
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Artificial Insemination

13 Mar 2014
Well.... Her name isn't Diwa just for nothing! 🙂 Tuesday we went to the vet to check the progesterone level - Friday it was 1,62 and ovulation is NORMALLY betw...
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Oh, Canada!

3 Mar 2014
Today our journey to Canada was supposed to take the beginning - but due to different unforeseen circumstances, the trip can't be made 🙁 Luckily there were fro...
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Our planned C-litter

14 Nov 2013
We have the pleasure of announcing the father of our upcoming litter. The final decision was Argos (Tropaco Troyan Argos of Coso - not only because of his impre...
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