Diwa started her heat 4/2-2016 and AI was done 23/2-2016. She was confrimed in whelp by ultrascan 18/3-2016. The puppies were born 22/4-2016.

If you have any questions about this combination – please contact us for more information.


Kassel Siegerin 2011
Österreich-Ungarn Sieger 2012
Savaria Winner 2012

Akizuri Ika Abudiwa “Diwa”


Born 11/06-2009
DM N/N (Normal) Dilute DD (Fri)
EOAD Carrier
Height 63 cm Weight 34 kg

Eukanuba 2014 BOB WINNER
SC (Senior Courser)
Canine Good Citizen

Juba Lee Desmond King of Diamonds


Born 16/12-2011
HD Excellent (A) ED Normal (0)
DM N/N (Normal) EOAD Clear Heart Normal
Eyes Clear Thyorid Normal
Height 69 cm Weight 43 kg

About Diwa & Desmond

Diwa is x rayed on hips, elbows and shoulders – all with perfect scores. She also comes from a litter with very good statistic. She has also been dna testet for Color Dilution and DM (back disorder) and she is clear on both. Desmond has been x rayed on hips and elbows with best possible score. He has also been heart scanned, eye and thyoriod tested – all with normal results. Desmond is also DM tested and is like Diwa clear – which means that all puppies from this combination will be genetically N/N (Normal). Diwa is tested as carrier of the EOAD gene (Early Onset Adult Deafness), but since Desmond is CLEAR it means that no puppies will be affected by this. All puppies will be tested after birth.

In the show ring Diwa has done extremely well – she is Germen Junior Champion, Danish Champion, German Champion, Slowenian Champion, Czech Republic Champion and International Champion. Besides this, she holds CAC’s in Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Finland. She has won several BOS and a few BOB placements. Desmond is American Champion and has just recently finished his Silver Grand Champion title. He has won several times BOB, Group placements and he was Best of Breed at the big Eukanuba Winner Show in 2014. Desmond’s breeder, Juba-Lee Ridgebacks in Texas, is wellknown and respected. Kerry Williams has been awarded “AKC Breeder of Merit Award” and she won “Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeder of the year” several times.

Diwa also have results from both obedience and blood tracking. So far she has passed the Rally Novice class 3 times – gaining the title RALLY-B. She has passed Rally advanced class once. On the blood tracks, she has passed the 400 m/3 hours blood tracking exam with a 1st price and we are now working on 400 m/20 hours. Desmond has been awarded the Canine Good Citizen title, which means that he has proven himself able to behave nicely around strangers and other dogs. He is furthermore Senior Lure Courser.

Diwa is the mother of our c litter – for more information, look under “puppies”.

Litter statistics

  • 4 puppies born – 3 males and 1 bitch
  • 2 incorrect ridge (males)
  • No kinked tails
  • No DS
  • Minimum white
Akizuri Desi Dinga

HD A | ED 0 | OCD –
DM N/N (Normal) | EOAD Clear

Akizuri Desi D'Jabula

HD A | ED 0| OCD Free
DM N/N (Normal) | EOAD Clear

Akizuri Desi D'Jumanji

HD A | ED 0 | OCD –
DM N/N (Normal) | EOAD Clear

Akizuri Desi Django

HD A | ED 0 | OCD –
DM N/N (Normal) | EOAD Carrier