AI was done 13/3-2014 and the pregnancy was confirmed by ultrascan 8/4-2014 – the puppies were born 12/5-2015.


RALLY-B Kassel Siegerin 2011
Österreich-Ungarn Sieger 2012
Savaria Winner 2012
Akizuri Ika Abudiwa “Diwa”


Born: 10/6-09
HD: A | ED: 0 | OCD: Free
DM: N/N (Normal) | Dilute: DD (Free)
EOAD: “Highly confidence: Carrier”
Height: 63 cm
Complete scissorbite
Shows: German Junior Champion, Danish, German, Slovenian & International Champion
Work: Rally-B & Blood tracking 3 hours/400 meter

Diwa´s own page HERE

Reg. Therapydog
Tropaco Troyan Argos of Coso “Argos”


Born: 2/10-2005
HD: Good (A) | ED: Normal (0)
DM: N/N (Normal) | Heart: Normal | Eyes: Free
EOAD: “Highly confidence: Clear”
Height: 68 cm
Complete scissorbite
Shows: US & Canadian Champion, US & Canadian Grand Champion MultiBIS MultiBISS
Other: Register Of Merit & Registerd Terapy Dog
Pedigree: Look here
Argos’ own page HERE

About Diwa & Argos

Diwa is x-rayed in hips, elbows and shoulders – all with perfect scores. She comes from a litter with a nice x-ray statistic as well. She has also been tested for Dilute (color) and DM (Back) and also here she is completely clear.

Argos is also x-rayed in hips and elbows with perfect scores. He has been tested for Eyes, Heart, Thyorid and DM and is completely clear.

Both Argos and Diwa has been tested for EOAD (Early Onset Adult Deafness). Diwa is carrier but since Argos is clear, NO puppies will be affected by the disease. All puppies will be tested after birth.

In the show ring Diwa has done very well – she is German Junior Champion, Danish Champion, German Champion and Slovenian Champion. She also has 4/4 CACIB which makes her International Champion. Finally she holds CAC’s in Austria, Hungary and Coratia. She has been BOS (BEST OF SEX) several times and BOB (BEST OF BREED) few times.

Argos has been extremely succesfull in the show ring. He holds several titles and has been awarded BIS (Best In Show) several times. He was  Top RR in 2009, 208 & 2007. In 2010 he was Top Male. According to CKC database he is the most winning RR in Canadian History. He was awarded the “Register of Merit” title which proofs that he has more than 10 champion offspring.

Diwa is also a working dog. She has results from both obedience and blood tracking. She has passed Rally Novice Class 3 times – thereby gained the title RBM. She has passed Rally Advanced Class once and needs 2 more to gain the title RØM. On the track she has a 1st price in 400 m/3 hours – and now she is ready for 400 m/20 hours tracks.

Argos is not only beautiful – he also loves to work! He does obedience, agility, tracking etc. He is known for his sweet and easy going charachter – and he gets along with everyone and everything 🙂 As a very good proof of his mentality, he is approved and registred as therapy dog in Canada.

Litter statistics

  • 9 puppies born – 5 males and 4 bitches
  • 3 stilborn puppies (1bitch and 2 males)
  • 2 incorrect ridge (bitches)
  • 1 small kink (male)
  • No DS
  • Minimum white
Akizuri Chika by Argos

HD – | ED – | OCD –
DM N/N (Normal) | EOAD Carrier

Akizuri Chakika by Argos

HD A | ED 0 | OCD –
DM N/N (Normal) | EOAD Clear

Akizuri Chizoba by Argos

HD A | ED 0 | OCD –
DM N/N (Normal) | EOAD Carrier

Akizuri Chisulo by Argos

HD A | ED 0 | OCD –
DM N/N (Normal) | EOAD Clear

DKCH FICH SEVCH KBHJV15 KTH-B KTH-S Akizuri Chumani by Argos

HD A | ED 0 | OCD Free
DM N/N (Normal) | EOAD Clear

Akizuri Cebisani by Argos

HD A | ED 0 | OCD Free
DM N/N (Normal) | EOAD Clear