14th Feb 2017

Show in Fredericia

At the DKK International show in Fredericia 4 Akizuri dogs was entered:
Akizuri Desi D'Jabula was VG4
Akizuri Desi Dinga was EXC3
DKCH FICH DEVDHCH SEVCH Akizuri Titi Bizi was EXC1 with CK and 2nd Best Bitch with res-CACIB

And the star of the day SEVCH KBHJV-15 KTH-B KTH-S Akizuri Chumi by Argos was EXCELLENT 1 with CK and 2nd Best Male with CAC and res-CACIB (will be full CACIB). This was the final CAC needed and he is now DKCH and FICH!!!

So extremely happy and proud!!!
3rd Jun 2016

6th week

It is hard to understand that the puppies are already 6 weeks! We are still introducing new interactive toys every day, and now they have a playground with stairs, tunnel and noicy things they can shuffle around. They also have an air pillow, and it will be exiting to see how long it will last!

We have many people stopping by, making the puppies used to different people and children in different ages. The puppies have also had several sessions with clicker training and they have been introduced to the cage in the car.


28th May 2016

5 weeks

Yesterday the D litter passed the 5 weeks mark. It is a busy time for us; we are socializing the puppies as much as possible. They are listening to a sound cd, get a new interactive toy every day (Tunnel with crumble sound, movable plate, air pillow, big ball, balance board etc) and they have been introduced to clicker training a few times.

19th May 2016

4th week

Tomorrow the puppies will be 4 weeks! Time flies, and the puppies are devloping so fast it is hard to keep up. We have entered the critical socialisation period, that ends around 12-14 weeks of age. In this period it is crucial that the puppies get to experience many differeny and new things - and have a positive connection to it. They have seen most of the house and been to the garden. We play a sound cd and they walk on as many different surfaces we can think of. They are also on solid food now, something Diwa seems to be happy about - when you look at their teeth you will understand; they are like pihrana! 😉
12th May 2016

3rd week

The puppies are now "walking" - but they still need to develop the presicion 🙂 When they are "walking" even the smallest little bump on the carpet will make them fall over. They are also devolping their hearing - so no more watching them without being caught 😉

We continue our training - each puppy are trhough an individual handling training every day, where we look at the teeth (or gums! ;P ), touching the paws (or cutting the nails if needed), looking in the ears etc etc. All the time with the puppy lying on the back in my lap, and the puppies are totally relaxed during this session - it is important to establish a positive association from the beginning.

We have also established a couple of "ground rules": The puppies are not allowed to "bite" our fingers, and they are not lifted up (or let down) unless they are calm and quiet 🙂
5th May 2016

2nd week

The puppies are now 14 days old, and they grow like weed! 🙂 All are doing well - and Diwa had the stiches from the c-section removed, we think she appreciated that! They were "cutting" in the skin, making some resonable holes were the stiches were - but only 2 days after the removal, the wound was looking quite nice 🙂 The puppies have started to open their eyes, so in a short time they will start "running" around.
28th Apr 2016

First week

Åuppies are now one week old 🙂 They grow and all are doing well and since they are only 4 to share the entire milkbar, they are gaining weight quite well! Tehy had their first nail trimming and we are doing the Bio Sensor program (As we also did with our B- and C-litter).

The puppies now have colored collars, so they are easy to recognize on the pictures 😉

Akizuri Desi D'Juba - our correct girl has pink collar
Akizuri Desi D'Jabula - our correct boy had green collar
Akizuri Desi D'Jumanji - our boy with possibly 3 crowns has blue collar
Akizuri Desi Django - our boy with 3 crowns has yellow collar
22nd Apr 2016

D litter is born 🙂

Today our D litter saw the world 🙂 Unfortunately Diwa was only carrying 4 beauties - 1 girl and 3 boys - all ridged. No Dermoid Sinus or kinked tails have been found so far.

As Diwa didn't have any contractions, but showed clear signs of being in labour we had to go to the vet. He decided that a c-section was nessecary. One puppy was bloking the rest - so no other option. Both mother and babies are doing well 🙂
19th Apr 2016

9th week (56-63 days after AI)

9th week: “The last weeks of pregnancy the bitch prepare for the birth. She becomes more quiet and is not very interested in playing and may be less social than usual. Females should be introduced to the appropriate birth place at least one week before expected date, preferingly a special delivery box. Here, she can do some of the natural nesting many bitches perform 2-4 days before birth. It consists of collecting rags together and possibly slash and dig into the delivery box. Sheath region will be large and flaccid. Pelvic muscles relaxed, and some bitches will have dramatic tension gametes several days before birth.”

Diwa is still feeling well - we go for smaller walks near our home 🙂

16th Apr 2016

Zippo’s planned litter

Zippo was lucky to get a visit from the sweet Nala (http://www.byardimale-ridgebacks.de/nala) from Germany. They mated 14+15/4-2016 and we cross our fingers and hope for puppies around 16/6-2016 🙂

Nala is an incredible wonderful bitch - very blanaced, stable, calm and very very sweet! We are confident that it will be some sweet puppies, and we cross our fingers in the hope that the mating was a success!!!

If you want to know more about the combination, the visit: http://akizuri.dk/?tm_portfolio=by-ardimale&lang=en

Or contact us if you are interested in a puppy from this combination 🙂