6th week

3 Jun 2016
It is hard to understand that the puppies are already 6 weeks! We are still introducing new interactive toys every day, and now they have a playground with stai...
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5 weeks

28 May 2016
Yesterday the D litter passed the 5 weeks mark. It is a busy time for us; we are socializing the puppies as much as possible. They are listening to a sound cd,...
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4th week

19 May 2016
Tomorrow the puppies will be 4 weeks! Time flies, and the puppies are devloping so fast it is hard to keep up. We have entered the critical socialisation period...
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3rd week

12 May 2016
The puppies are now "walking" - but they still need to develop the presicion 🙂 When they are "walking" even the smallest little bump on the carpet will make th...
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2nd week

5 May 2016
The puppies are now 14 days old, and they grow like weed! 🙂 All are doing well - and Diwa had the stiches from the c-section removed, we think she appreciated...
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First week

28 Apr 2016
Åuppies are now one week old 🙂 They grow and all are doing well and since they are only 4 to share the entire milkbar, they are gaining weight quite well! Tehy...
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D litter is born 🙂

22 Apr 2016
Today our D litter saw the world 🙂 Unfortunately Diwa was only carrying 4 beauties - 1 girl and 3 boys - all ridged. No Dermoid Sinus or kinked tails have been...
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9th week (56-63 days after AI)

19 Apr 2016
9th week: “The last weeks of pregnancy the bitch prepare for the birth. She becomes more quiet and is not very interested in playing and may be less social than...
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8th week (49-56 days after AI)

12 Apr 2016
8th week: “The fetus is formed and it is possible to feel it, sometimes their heartbeat can be heard. The bitch is now almost troubled by her weigth and scope,...
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7th week (42-49 days after AI)

5 Apr 2016
7th week: “During this week the body hair grow out and color will be visible. The paws and pads are now ready formed.  Fetus now looks like the puppy but cannot...
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6th week (35-42 days after AI)

29 Mar 2016
6th week: “Earlobe and eyelids grow and at the end of the week they cover the ears and eyes. The external genitalia are beginning to change in the direction of...
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Week 5 (days 28-35 after AI)

22 Mar 2016
Week 5: This week the eyelids, hairs on the upper lip and eyes are formed. Earlobe grows, so it almost covers the ear canal. Five nipples with milk glan...
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Ultra scan

18 Mar 2016
It was time to go to the vet for the ultra scan of Diwa – and there were “bubbles” in the tummy 🙂 We are looking forward to the puppies birth around 26th of Ap...
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